Wulfs Yankee K689Y


BD: 3/27/11
Black, Homo Polled
HUNT Mr Jock 44J x Wulfs Soloist 6284S (Wulfs Nobel Prize)

BW: 90 WW: 742 (adj) YW: 1347 (adj) SC: 38.5 (adj) UREA: 19.52 (adj) UFAT: 0.28 (adj) UIMF: 4.06 (adj)

Full pedigree and EPDs:

  • NALF Young Sire Trait Leader for WW, YW, $MTI; 12 traits rank in the top 5% or higher!
  • Combo carcass sire DELUXE: REA, MB, and $MTI figures all rank in Top 1%
  • Homo polled, stout, sound, soggy, long-bodied – as attractive in person as he is on paper
  • Pedigree is Limousin royalty (Jock x Soloist), both tried ‘n true performers
  • Yankee is like pressing the fast-forward button on genetic progress; he will change herds

Contact the owners, Grassroots Genetics, or Limi-Gene for semen - $40/unit.





Anderson Cattle Co., WA

O’Bryan & Crane Limousin, MO
https://www.facebook.com/CraneFarmCattle | Phone: 573.248.4232



  • Robert Actis says:

    Why is this bull walking in so much straw? Is he that bad on his back legs? What is his frame score? Looks like he has a lot of meat.

  • admin says:

    Straw didn’t have anything to do with his back legs. It was the cleanest pen at time of video. He travels well and carries lots of performance and thickness. Frame score: 7.1

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