Treftz Limousin Bulls Burn Up Auction Block; Average $5218

Action was not in short supply during the 1st Annual Treftz Limousin Bull Sale, February 11, as commercial ranchers went after TREF bulls with distinct fervor! A standing-room-only crowd walked through the pens of bulls – primarily red in color – prior to the sale and approved of what they saw. Not until the last rap of the gavel did the bidding stop. The bulls were stout and carried good flesh – but not fat. Glenn Treftz and his family made sure everyone in attendance was comfortable and didn’t leave a customer question unanswered.

Sale Stats:

  • 32 Limousin bulls grossed $167,000 = $5,218 (avg)
  • 23 Yearling bulls grossed $127,282 = $5,534 (avg)
  •    9 Fall bulls grossed $39,699 = $4,411 (avg)

Sale Photos


Sale Summary

  • $9,750 – Lot 14 | TREF Yeoman 142Y – 3/6/11 red, double polled 81% son of TREF Warlord 334W x TREF Raven 142R (WZRK Genesis). Buyer: Cogley Limousin (Colfax, IA).
  • $7,750 (2/3 semen interest, full poss.) – Lot 5 | TREF Yukon Jack 083Y – 2/19/11 red, double polled PB son of DVCL Mr Unbelievable U03 x TREF Petticoat 083P (ROMN Justice). Buyer: Murray Stewart (Alberta, Canada).
  • $7,500 – Lot 1 | TREF Yachtsman 031Y – 2/15/11 red, homo polled 75% son of ROMN Tow Truck x TREF Picturesque 031P (ROMN Justice). Buyer: Murray Stewart (Alberta, Canada).
  • $7,500 – Lot 4 | TREF Yellowstone 207Y – 2/19/11 red, double polled 75% son of Mr SYES R Just 502P x TREF Sophistication 207S (JBAK Montana). Buyer: Jay Langdeau (Ft. Pierre, SD).
  • $7,000 – Lot 11 | TREF Yahoo 504Y – 3/4/11 black, homo polled PB son of LVLS Top Criteria x TREF Wild Rose 504W (Wulfs Ransom). Buyer: Glenn Jakober (Aberdeen, SD).
  • $6,750 – Lot 6 | TREF You The Man 108Y – 2/19/11 red, double polled 87% son of TMF Polled Harmonica 777N x TREF Roxie 108R (ROMN Justice). Buyer: Todd Ellwein (Frederick, SD).
  • $6,000 – Lot 12 | TREF Yarborough 410Y – 3/6/11 red, double polled 88% son of TREF Warlord 334W x TREF Underrated 410U (ROMN Justice). Buyer: Kevin Heupel (Leola, SD).
  • $6,000 – Lot 13 | TREF Yardman 914Y – 3/6/11 red, polled 50% son of TREF U Joint 083U x commercial cow. Buyer: Tim Ruzsa (Selby, SD).
  • $6,000 – Lot 24 | TREF Yellow Jacket 288Y – 4/9/11 red, double polled 81% son of TREF Warlord x TREF Reassured 288R (JBAK Montana). Buyer: Hassebroek Farms (Forman, ND).
  • $5,500 – Lot 9 | TREF Yakima 334Y – 3/1/11 red, double polled 87% son of ROMN Tow Truck x TREF 334G (Wulfs Damon). Buyer: Jeff Anliker (Forbes, ND).
  • $5,500 – Lot 33 | TREF X-Tra Mile 108X – 3/3/10 red, double polled 80% son of Bar JZ Timberline 737U x TREF Roxie 108R (ROMN Justice). Buyer: Larry Stern (Freeman, SD).
  • $5,500 – Lot 7 | TREF Yard Dog 551Y – 2/23/11 red, homo polled PB son of Mr SYES R Just 502P x TREF White Wine 551W (TREF Rifle). Buyer: Ardie Peterson (Eagle Butte, SD).


  • Jay Langdeau says:

    These are the real limousin bulls that will add pounds from birth to rail.

  • Robert Miller says:

    This was a great sale with wonderful results for the Limousin breed. Let me see yes we say black —Aangus certifed beef —gives a premium. But does it make up for the added pounds that a Limousin gives a calf? I serously do not know the answer to that question. All I know is that we are selling two(2) things pounds and quality.

    In looking at the offering and the prices it is obivous that quality sells. And this was a qualtiy offering of cattle no matter the color.

    I did also note the most of the high sellers were either percentage or Lim-Flex.

    But, above all else Congrations to a great breeder with the buyers in his area wanting the type of bulls and cattle he is presenting to the public

  • Seth Zilverberg says:

    Congratulations to Treftz on a great sale! Good looking bulls!

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