DLVL Xerox 023X

BD: 2/26/10
Black, Homo Polled
COLE Thunder 110T x DLVL Sky 605S (ROMN Justice)

BW: 78 WW: 686 (adj) YW: 1180 (adj) SC: 34.77 (adj) UREA: 16.78 UFAT: 0.24 UIMF: 2.05 FS: 6.2
Full pedigree and EPDs:

  • DLVL Xerox offers breeders & ranchers a fresh pedigree twist and tons of balance
  • Homo polled sire combines stunning phenotype with solid EPDs; DOC EPD in Top 3% of breed
  • Moderate-framed, easy-going package; moves with athletic stride
  • Sired by the performance-packed COLE Thunder and an easy-fleshing ROMN Justice cow
  • Progeny have already made a splash being top sellers in many herds across the U.S.

Contact owners, Grassroots Genetics, or LIMI-Gene for semen – $30/unit.

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