LimousinLive.com is a website dedicated to providing Limousin cattle enthusiasts with the latest news and information about the breed. The idea is simple: bring together people interested in Limousin genetics.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a commercial cow-calf rancher from the Sand Hills of Nebraska, a seedstock producer from Tennessee, a feedlot operator from Texas, or a junior exhibitor from Minnesota. LimousinLive can be your source for all things Limousin.

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Cattle marketing strategies and business plans of today are much different than their predecessors. A successful ranch brand is no longer contingent upon creating a logo, sending out direct mail to potential customers, and then seeing consequent return on investment. Let’s be clear: these are all still very important tools for growing and maintaining a brand and musn’t be ignored. However, today’s marketing demands for any business go beyond “business as usual.”

As is such with many other industries, the cattle business has new paradigms that demand a change in tactics. Customers of seedstock operations have more choices to a greater amount of “good” cattle than they ever have. Genetic advancement over the past 30 years has been staggering. It’s a fact that the beef industry is able to produce vastly more beef than it ever has with fewer cattle. A large reason for this incredible improvement is better genetics, plain and simple.

So, when seedstock customers have expanded access to better cattle than they ever have, what makes one operation stand out over the next? Answer: their story. Now, there’s more to it than just telling a story. Seedstock customers need to see and experience real value before they become new or repeat customers. However, seedstock operations need to expand their efforts beyond breeding good cattle.

In today’s cattle industry, it pays to get creative. LimousinLive has a number of tools to help Limousin breeders expand their market share, attract new customers, strengthen existing customer relationships, and share what their program is all about. A look at some of them:

Sale Promotion and Coverage

  • Sign up for a Sale Page and tap into LimousinLive’s traffic
  • Online sale catalog, photo gallery, contact information
  • Pre-sale updates (ex: ultrasound data, scratches, preg-check stats)
  • Multimedia sale coverage (ex: video clips, photos, sale report, etc.)

Email Blasts

  • Customized email notices sent out to LimousinLive’s expanding subscriber list
  • Our subscriber “open” rate is 6x the industry average – meaning more clicks and less trips to the trash
  • Send an SMS/text alert and remind subscribers of your special sale or event

Web Development

  • We offer customized web development services, designed to fit your operation
  • Having some sort of web presence is a must – and think about it: it’s a 24/7 promotional tool for your program

Social Media Development & Consultation

  • Can’t keep up with the latest social media trends and tactics? Let us know – we’ve been on Facebook and Twitter from Day 1
  • Facebook and Twitter are no longer games young people play – they’re real tools that can be leveraged

Sale Cattle Videos

  • If a picture says a thousand words, not much else needs to be said with video
  • Contact us about ways you can harness the power of video, YouTube, and LimousinLive
  • Whether you want us to shoot the video or you’d like to do it yourself, there’s different options for different budgets

Sire Promotion Services

  • You’ve got a lot at stake when promoting a herd sire, make sure it’s done right
  • Get statistical data on each herd sire promoted with LimousinLive, measure your promotional return on investment (ROI)

Public Relations Services

  • PR oftentimes is an untapped tool – and local, regional papers are usually eager for content
  • Get your brand out in front of potential buyers – many times this can be free advertising
  • If you’re not an experienced writer or don’t have the time, we can take care of it for you

Marketing Assistance

  • If you’re looking for a way to better market you or your customer’s calves, let us know, we’ll work on solutions with you

Ranch Videos

  • A handy, powerful tool to showcase your operation to those “researching” your brand
  • Show off your cattle, your program, your people

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Andy Peterson