Dakota Natural Limousin Beef

John Bruner and his family began Dakota Natural® Limousin Beef with the intent on showcasing the delicious eating quality found in Limousin beef. Today, the Dakota Natural® brand has an extensive list of restaurant, catering, and consumer clients found in the Upper Midwest.

In France, the Limousin breed is known as the “Butchers Breed” because they genetically provide a large muscle mass with very little fat. Their most unique attribute is in the finer muscle fiber that gives Limousin Beef eating qualities not naturally found in other breeds of cattle.

Dakota Natural’s® parent company, Bruner Limousin, Inc., has been ranching in East Central South Dakota for over 30 years. They have been and continue to raise and sell some of the finest Limousin breeding animals available today.

In order to preserve the integrity of the Limousin product and customer satisfaction, a number of guidelines are strictly enforced:

  • Bruner Limousin carefully regulates the care and feeding of all the cattle that are purchased by Dakota Natural®
  • Antibiotics and Growth Hormones are NEVER used in any of the beef that comes with a Dakota Natural® label
  • All animals are source-verified for product safety
  • Age of animal harvested is strictly controlled for desirable tenderness
  • Control the feeding program for consistent flavor
  • Offer “ONLY” Limousin Beef for consistent texture and juiciness
  • Employ Dakota Natural’s® unique aging program for consistent flavor and juiciness

Dakota Natural® combines all the elements of beef production together. Guaranteeing customers a consistently superior dining experience with flavorful beef!

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