LIMI-Gene, Inc.

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LIMI-Gene, Inc. is a semen distribution company created in 1989 with the vision of providing the Limousin breed with a source of quality genetics. The Symens family has been the owner of the company since its inception.

Given the Symens’ rich history in the beef industry and the Limousin breed, it is safe to say they’re qualified for breeding advice. Four decades of breeding, feeding, and marketing Limousin cattle form the foundation of knowledge from which they can assist your breeding program. When doing business with LIMI-Gene, one notices a dedication to customer service and the desire to help find answers.

LIMI-Gene uses state of the art technology and keeps up-to-date on the latest marketing trends to provide the best product possible. Their HTM-CEROS sperm analysis program assures that all semen purchased from their inventory is the very best. Herman and Judy Symens put on many miles, traveling to shows and sales all across the country, to interact with breeders and observe the latest marketing trends.

LIMI-Gene goes to great lengths to earn each and every Limousin breeder’s business. With each breeding season, give LIMI-Gene a look and see how they may be able to assist. Visit their website below to find semen information on many of the very best proven Limousin sires and also the latest, hottest young bulls in the breed. For any and all questions and to request a catalog, contact Herman & Judy below:


Herman & Judy Symens
800/722-2079 (Toll-Free)